Nov 11 2014

Growing a Shirt Printing Company

A couple weeks ago I shared an article by Premium Shirt Printing.  Today I wanted to talk about what I would do if I was going to start a grow a Custom Tshirt Printing Company in Honolulu.  I talked with the guys at this company a number of times about direct response marketing and what not.

They have done a pretty good job and trying to get a response from their visitors.  They make it loud and clear right when you show up you can get a $100 Gift Certificate.

The only thing I would do to make this a bit better would be to tell people who I am and why that matters and what this gift card will do for them.  And since I am running a local business I would try to get people to call me right away.

The other thing I would do is put a nice educational video to the left of the gift card button to tell people why our company can and will solve their most important problem.

When a person goes to Google and types something in, it’s because they are trying to solve a problem.  They’re not usually looking for a business but for a solution.  So if someone is typing in something about custom shirt printing.  The first thing they want to see is if you can print a custom shirt and how much it will be.  So I might make that really clear right at the top of the page.

Just like in a newspaper, whatever is above the fold is the most important.  Above the fold on a website is whatever you can see or read without the user having to scroll.  So you have like mili-seconds to show your visitor that you can solve their problem.   And if you waste your “above the fold” space with a big giant header or logo or picture that doesn’t actually help your customer solve their problem you are hurting yourself rather than helping.

So ask yourself these questions:
Is this website about me or about my customers?

Can a visitor solve their problem immediately?

Is there a call to action immediately noticeable above the fold?

If you said no to any of those questions, go change your website immediately.

You can read the article from Premium here

Oct 14 2014

Next Steps After Developing a Club or Gym Shirt

Pilau Club ShirtFinding a printer for your club or gym t shirt Honolulu, Hi is necessary. Lets be honest, being in charge of ordering shirts is not your top concern in life. You wish to locate the very best shirts at the most effective possible price and in the least amount of time. Premium T-shirt Printing Hawaii is your last stop in this daunting hunt for a club tshirt Honolulu, Hawaii so you can have more time for what truly matters your family and friends!
Right here at Premium Shirt Printing Hawaii, we believe that your club should have to have the most effective. Why? We have actually viewed that shirts in Honolulu, Hawaii promote club unity, club pride, and also club participation. Picture having club tshirts that your members will enjoy using even outside of club events! Your shirts need to be a cut above the rest. The print on your personalized club tshirt Honolulu, Hawaii will pop, it wont crack after the first few cleans, and the t-shirt itself will certainly feel ultra soft.
Premium Shirt Printing Hawaii brings the highest quality to all components of your club tshirt in Honolulu, Hawaii. We go the extra mile by utilizing the highest quality inks as well as publishing processes to ensure the most effective item to provide to you. We know that in Honolulu, Hawaii, the most effective means to do business is to do it well. Word travels fast through the coconut wireless, and also that is why we guarantee the highest quality.
We guarantee this case by offering a 100 % top quality assurance to our prints. Our company believe all custom tee shirt laser printers in Honolulu, Hawaii needs to offer this guarantee; however, most dont … Make sure that you decide on one that does to make certain the most effective club tshirt Honolulu, Hawaii.
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It may seem amusing, yet printing customized tee shirts is our passion. Business is rooted in a love for individuals, fine art, quality as well as neighborhood. Having the possibility to publish your t-shirts embodies all of these aspects as well as we are delighted to be collaborating with you on your club tshirt Honolulu, Hawaii.